Our mission

To build a long-term relationship of trust with a micro-influencer in order to inspire and develop awareness of ourclients among a new audience on social networks. 

Quentin Lafon



                  Participation in


events / year

15 20

stories / event


posts & stories / trip


                 EAV: 3K€ / event

Our approach

Le Studio contacted Quentin Lafon, a French travel micro-influencer and content creator, and set up a number of operations with him in order to develop Qatar Airways’ reputation on social networks: signing an “influential brand” contract for the creation of content on Qatar Airways events in France, coordinating trips to promote the in-flight experience, negotiating visibility on Instagram and compiling a complete performance report.

Le Studio recorded a podcast with Quentin Lafon for his “In the Shoes of an Influencer” series.