The editorial of Julien IBSAIENE – PITASSI, Director of Le Studio by GroupExpression’s digital division (June 2022)

Social networks are undoubtedly a great digital showcase for brands! Since these digital platforms have become an integral part of their marketing strategy, they evolve daily in a cyberspace of several billion connected souls. Nevertheless, and independently of the natural and justified desire for notoriety, these brands will seek to address specific communities, perfectly identified according to determined objectives, often represented by a selection of hand-picked influencers, whose aura is no longer to be proven. The goal? Effectively reach their target and convert the time and energy invested on social networks into a purchasing act. Thus, by using the competence but also the charisma of these “digital celebrities”, brands hope to make their 2.0 effort profitable: by trusting those who know the desired targets and master the codes to convince them.

But, like all of us, brands and influencers cannot ignore the evolutions imposed by social networks. It is now impossible to communicate effectively on these platforms without mastering their uses and, above all, without understanding how they work. The last few weeks have seen some important new features – positive, but not only – and major changes in the algorithms of the main channels. If these evolutions aim to improve the tools available, social networks, whether B2B or B2C, are also looking to take the lead and win the battle: which one will succeed in attracting the largest number of active users to itself.

Strongly challenged by TikTok, Instagram is once again trying to regain control by all means. Videos are mainly at the heart of the channel’s new features even if it means departing from its DNA. Thus, since last month, Instagram is testing a new display of its news feed. Photo and video posts are now displayed in full on the user’s screen with the aim of giving more value to videos and Reels at the expense of photos: users will only have the choice, in the long run, to consume more and more videos on this platform and the creators of “traditional” content will be, by force of circumstance, removed. Still on Instagram, influencers will also be penalized by the novelty that could be deployed on a large scale if the second test currently underway were to be confirmed. Thus, only the first 3 Stories of an account will be displayed for creators who post very frequently every day. Followers will have to press the “Show all” button if they want to continue reading the Stories of these influencers. This is a hard blow for these influencers and for the brands that use their services!

At Meta (Facebook, Instagram and Messenger), a new privacy policy will come into effect next month. Basically, nothing changes for users. Nevertheless, many services will be impacted by this new policy, especially the ads supported by the two main digital platforms. Brands are often used to promote their page or account, to “push” a selection of publications on Facebook or Instagram, or to deploy real advertising campaigns. Meta warns that as of July 6, 2022 in Europe, the results of promotional campaigns could be affected by the privacy policy change – and for several months. In fact, the impact is already being felt…

While nothing is set in stone for the moment, these three major changes will force the various players in digital communication to reinvent themselves and offer new solutions to maximize brand visibility. This is what the team of experts at the Studio by GroupExpression is committed to doing on a daily basis, in the interest of its clients!