Does #Twitter still seduce the French?

For several years now, social networks have been an essential part of our daily lives. Today, more than 52 million French users are present on these platforms, which represent 80.3% of the population. Many companies, with the help of social media, develop a real digital strategy, essential know-how of the Studio by GroupExpression. If Twitter is an integral part of this strategy, it’s essential to understand the essence of it to master codes.


  • Fact number 1: the very famous Californian bird created in 2005 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass was originally called “Twittr” and presented itself as an interface for communication by text messages. It later became a microblogging service that allowed users to send short messages, called “Tweets” to their circle of followers, a revolution in the eyes of the first digital natives.


  • Fact number 2: it was in August 2006 that the adventure took another turn when an earthquake shook the city of San Francisco. Users quickly realized that the network would become central to the dissemination of information. Very quickly, Twitter will impose itself and overtake the traditional media. History will remember that in January 2009 the platform published a preview of the photo of the plane making an emergency landing on the Hudson River! The success starts and the famous hashtags enter the scene. Twitter, which already had 6 million users in February 2009, had more than 19 million subscribers worldwide the following month, including 9 million in the United States.


  • Fact number 3: the beginnings of the network in France were a bit more hesitant. In 2009, messages were described as “idle chatter” and only 2% of Internet users surveyed by IFOP had an account at this time. In April 2010, things changed when Twitter announced the introduction of a monetization model based on advertising. Companies, especially institutions, will use the tool to promote their services and products. As the first source of information in the world, the media also joined the Twittersphere, doubling the number of publications aimed at a large audience, both Business to Business and Business to Customers.


As a unifying platform, Twitter brings together profiles from various backgrounds. Let’s draw together the profile of a typical user:

First, let’s specify that the interface generally concentrates young people, rather ultra-connected but difficult to reach by advertising. For 52% of 18–30-year-old, it is the social network that has the most “power over real-time information, ahead of Facebook (34%) and YouTube (6%)” [1].

Unreliable economic model, little advertising revenue, drop in traffic on its interface, the blue bird found itself in difficulty for many years. However, Twitter hasn’t forgotten to introduce new features to dust off its image. 

Indeed, he seeks to improve its interface, its content, and the experience of its users for both individuals and brands. We note, for example:

  • Increasing the number of characters
  • Video reactions inspired by TikTok video responses
  • The subject tag bar allowing people to directly select the information they are most interested in
  • Creation of « Communities », the functionality that allows to exchange within communities whose flow will be public

Analyse Twitter

Data : Twitter Analyst Day 2021

The network must succeed in attracting new subscribers without necessarily losing its core. Twitter has set itself the ambitious goal of reaching at least 315 million monetizable daily users by the fourth quarter of 2023.

For now, in fiscal year 2021 and despite the pandemic, the social network has seen its revenues grow by 40% compared to 37% for Meta.



Twitter is one of the preferred distribution channels for cruise lines, but also and especially for airlines.

They have been able to understand and retain their customers digital natives, by developing internal services dedicated to marketing, customer relations, resources to ensure a quality follow-up.

Let’s take the example of our client, Qatar Airways, which has a dedicated team empowered to respond in less than 30 minutes to tweets addressed to them. The use of Twitter for customer service is becoming increasingly popular: firstly, it allows to control the brand’s e-reputation, but also efficiently relieve other contact channels.


In addition, users prefer this channel to get a maximum of information in real time, such as possible changes that could affect their journey.

Consider that the average time spent on Twitter is 3.39 minutes per session, which makes communication more instantaneous and shorter; life of a tweet is even more ephemeral.

Twitter hosts many communities of true enthusiasts promoting exchanges and interactions. In the air transport, we can obviously talk about #AVGEEKFR, the community of aviation fans who decode all the events related to commercial or military aviation.

As far as Business to Business is concerned, these communities are a godsend! They represent a real mine of information, content and especially visibility which require the attention of air carriers.

So why are these communities so attractive?

Halfway between bookmarking on Reddit and groups on Facebook, this feature allows to gather amateurs around a common interest. A heterogeneous audience, with different values, expectations and degrees of expertise to cohabit in a single digital space, an unconventional place that also attracts a very Business to Business target.

We’re currently observing a change in the direction of airline professionals, who tend to spend more time on LinkedIn, a network that competes with Twitter on the Business positioning.

Mainly used for “Social Selling”, 65% of companies have gained customers on this network and 40% of buyers use this social network for their purchases. The platform relies primarily on its “LinkedIn Ads” service to attract brands wishing to develop advertising campaigns (“Ads Campaign”) to generate qualified leads.

As you can see, in the coming years, these networks will try to create more and more features to seduce this business target. The sinews of war!


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