Audio will continue to be a key format in 2022, whether in the form of podcasts or in conversation platforms (according to the trend book on social media evolutions in 2022 by HubSpot and Talwalker).  

We can’t count the number of new social networks that are emerging: Clubhouse, Capuccino, Rodeo, Discord, Chalk Reddit Talk, Soundwave, but also Live Audio Rooms on Facebook, Spaces on Twitter, Greenroom on Spotify… Each social network and platform is starting to have its own audio discussion service and is encouraging brands to adopt a social audio strategy.  

Less time-consuming than text and less intrusive than video, audio meets new needs and everyone wants to “whisper in the ear of their target”. In 2005, Steve Jobs already estimated that “the podcast was the next generation of radio”.  

Last month, the 4th edition of the Paris Podcast Festival was held, an event dedicated to this format which now has its own economic model.  

Almost everyone is getting involved in the podcast adventure and there is something for everyone! Even if the podcast is gradually becoming more democratic, its target is still stereotyped, mostly concerning the 15-34 years old, ultra-connected and with a high purchasing power.  

So how to stand out in a landscape saturated with platforms and content? Should we offer more qualitative paid content by subscription? 

The key for any podcast is to first define its concept, its format, its editorial line and to master its editing. Then it’s a matter of being able to measure its audience to continue to produce ever more attractive content and set up targeted CRM campaigns.  

Le Studio by GroupExpression invites you to discover its series of podcasts “In the shoes of an influencer” to learn more about those who make the influence today.   

Deborah Pires

Deborah Pires

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