The importance of an innovative and inspiring brand content


A long time ago, in a world far, far away without computers, price alone determined the act of buying a product or a service. Consumers bought the cheapest and had no other reference point than prices to compare and make their purchase.

Today, in the digital age, other parameters come into play to push the consumer to select one product rather than another. A strategy based solely on price is no longer as effective, so other means must be found to attract and seduce new customers and prospects.

But how?

Well, quite simply through Brand Content, an indispensable expertise for making your brand shine on the web. Brand Content consists of talking about your brand, its history and origin, its managers and employees, but also its values by giving it visibility on the Internet.


How to make Brand Content?

Brand content is above all about storytelling, i.e. telling a story to the consumer, presenting your know-how and values. Telling a story is also about creating and conveying strong emotions that will captivate and touch your audience. This will arouse the interest of your audience, challenge them and make them aware of the messages conveyed by the brand, and will therefore make it possible to create a unique relationship of proximity between them and you.


What content to use and how?

The idea is not to make your brand a promotional content but to capture your audience by delivering a message in an authentic, fun, innovative and original way. This is where digital communication comes into play, as it will allow you to present attractive content but also to give the customer a unique experience by encouraging interaction, particularly via social networks.

With Brand Content, the consumer becomes a “consumer actor”. In other words, they are active, involved, committed and autonomous. They no longer wait for information to come to them, but seek it out directly. It is therefore necessary to create content that will bring them real added value. This content must encourage sharing and interaction between the brand and its audience.

Here is a short, non-exhaustive list of the different types of content on which to position your brand:


The creation of textual content, which includes blog articles and newsletters, will allow you to address your customers and prospects directly, to challenge them and raise their awareness on specific topics.
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Visual content creations present one or more pieces of information in an attractive and relevant way. They can be useful to share content effectively and make your audience understand the information instantly. Take the example of an event invitation, crafted and created to convey aesthetic and relevant content. But we can also find editorial calendars that allow you to schedule posts to be shared on social networks and to have a visual overview of the content that will be disseminated.  Case Studies are also a good way to highlight your latest projects, your creations and give visibility to your content.
Check out our latest Case Study Individual Blog Trip and Content Creation with influencer @BrunoMaltor who will give you an example of visual content.


Content creation can also be auditory, podcasts are a great example.  Produce your podcasts by thinking about a specific theme you want to highlight and create your content to be shared and broadcast on listening platforms. Entertaining, effective and accessible, this new trendy tool will ensure you capture your audience every time!

As you will have understood, Brand Content is an important digital lever that must be mastered, inspiring and innovative to enable your brand to gain visibility. There are many ways to create attractive and relevant content, all you have to do is find the one that best suits your projects and your audience’s expectations!

Marine Vitse

Marine Vitse

Marketing, PR & Digital Assistant