In these complicated sanitary times, social networks have forged themselves a determining place in the world of media. It is now essential to consider these digital platforms that have become everyday tools. Indeed, according to a Pew Research Center study, 72% of people access information via their family and friends, and especially via social networks.

From application to information

At a time when networks have taken over the information during the health crisis, 25% of journalists believe that social networks are now competing with traditional news media. The world stopped during COVID-19 but not Instagram, Facebook, or even TikTok, the leading containment app! The networks stood out from traditional media by creating entertaining content but more importantly, by sharing unprecedented information in real time. Moreover, the demand for information has changed, the public is no longer looking for investigative journalism, long articles, but “snackable” articles. The current demand remains mainly raw information on smartphones when waking up, during a break or in the subway.

The TOP 5 reasons for following news media on social networks, according to a study by ONE MARKET 2015 / AUDIPRESSE

1: Follow the news in real time

2: Share the articles I read with my friends and family

3: Find new information

4: Comment or see the comments associated with the articles published by these newspapers or magazines

5: Consult favorite press pages

Journalists have had to adapt to this new way of consuming information, which is becoming even more pronounced with generation Z. According to a Cision France study, 91% of journalists admit to using social networks for their work and 54% even say they can’t do without them to do their job. So, social networks are not just a trend but have become a full-fledged work tool in the journalistic profession. As you can see, it is essential not to neglect these digital platforms in your communication strategy! Our Studio team is at your disposal to define which networks and which communication strategy you should use. Do not hesitate in contacting us to discuss !

Alycia Jonot

Alycia Jonot

PR & Digital Consultant | Tourism