Club House – Stereo Twitch – These applications that shake up the norms

Since the beginning of the year, innovations are coming at the speed of a like ! If the boom in social networks is no longer to be proven, screen time has seen an unprecedented increase.  Whether it’s the result of a global pandemic or the proliferation of new applications, each more addictive than the last, there is no doubt that developers have been able to capture users’s needs for interaction and proximity while responding to the change in users’ consumption. 

The chat format audio : a new trend ?

ClubHouse and its competitor Stereo are blowing our screens away by surfing on the audio trend.

One of them works on the model of co-optationinviting users to join thematic “rooms” to discuss and share social or current affairs with professionals, VIPs or anonymous person. The other is more inclusive (eventhough it’s only available on Android at the moment) and is at the opposite of a “select club” and seems to be aimed at a younger audience, based on a variety of topics thanks to conversations ledamong others, by influenceurs and Youtubers invited to the application.  

If ClubHouse is similar to a vocal Linkedin, the functioning of its algorithm is still unclear for many users but it allows you to gather large audiences around topics related to news in your sector. Can we dream of organising press conferences or webinars using this tool ? Only time will tell ! 

Stereo, on the other hand, is positionned in the live podcast segment, allowing users to participate in the conversation. This application, which is shading Clubhouse, is brimed with conversations of all kinds. It would even offer an alternative to all those who would like to start podcasting without necessarly equipping themselves with professional material, while being able to interact with users live. A good way to unite your audiences around a topic related to your industry or your news.

Another major player of the moment, The Twitch Application

This application went viral following the live broadcast of presenter Samuel Etienne with former French President François Hollande, and has established itself as a way to organise lives that can be re-watched thanks to video archives. If Twitch initially had an audience of “gamers”, it has now become a key player and is gaining more and more importance. With more than 10 million users (between 18 and 34yo), Twitch is now attracting politicians who hope to reach younger audiences with this new tool. The Climate and Resilience Bill was broadcast live by Representatives to make their voices heard. Nowdays, Samuel Etienne’s daily lives have over 200,000 subscribers and 20,000 simultaneous viewers.

Nowadays, Samuel Etienne’s daily lives have over 200,000 subscribers and 20,000 simultaneous viewers.

These new players are attracting new users and offer the posibility of bringing together large audiences around various topics thanks to audio format or live broadcasts. Therefore, there is little doubt that these new players will play a major role in the future, particularly with Younger targets, who will be consumers of tomorrow. These new ways of communication are undeniably interesting levers of brand notoriety.

Stay tuned… !

Flavie Cottin

Flavie Cottin

RP & Communication Digitale